Tips for Finding Parking for the Macy’s Day Parade

If you’re going to the Macy’s Day Parade in New York City, make sure to get an idea of how you are going to get there. Parking for the parade can be hard to find unless you make reservations ahead due to the number of people that attend the event. Planning events like this will make your visit more enjoyable and memorable. Here are some tips for finding parking.

About the Macy’s Day Parade 2022

The parade will begin at 9 a.m. this year on November 24 on West 77th Street and continue for 2.5 miles. The parade will have distinctive character balloons, floats, marching bands, and hundreds of dancers and cheerleaders marching. This parade will have dozens of different types of clowns marching and entertaining spectators, and new floats representing popular companies and organizations. Planning for an event like this will make your time more enjoyable at these special events. This parade has been taking place since 1924.

Parking For the Macy’s Day Parade

It’s suggested that you make reservations in parking garages in New York City for the Macy’s Day Parade a few months ahead to make your trip more enjoyable. In New York City, drivers spend an average of 107 hours looking for a good parking area. That is why reservations ahead make sense and save you a headache. Icon Parking has an app where you can make reservations for parking ahead of the parade and pay for the time you need using the app on your mobile phone. They have various locations near the parade and can assist you in finding the right spot.

You can fill out their online form and their customer service reps will help you. When you own a local company and want employees to attend the parade, you can make parking reservations ahead for a group that day with Icon Parking. Parking can be reserved on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Their garages have EV charging stations and the rental of e-bikes when you park your car. There are other garages that provide parking for the parade. You can find them by searching online using the keyword Macy’s Day Parade parking.

Alternative Ways to Get To the Parade

If you live in New York City, you might want to find alternative ways to get to the parade without driving in. Some consumers find the subway an effective way to get to the parade nearby when living close. Others may find taking a bus, or taxi or hire a limo, or rent a hotel room near it. These are the most stress-free ways to go to both the parade. When you are close, walking may even be an acceptable option.

When you want to attend the Macy’s Day Parade and unique events and drive and park, it pays to reserve a space for your business group or family ahead or use alternative transportation due to the heavy traffic and congestion in the city that day. These are some other ways to deal with parking for special events.

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