Things to Do in NYC: Village Halloween Parade

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If you find yourself in New York City at the end of October, you will want to take part in the biggest Halloween parade in the country, The Village Halloween Parade. The parade is open to anyone wearing a costume, so if you like to dress up, and you have a great costume, you can march in the procession, or if not, you can always be a spectator. Either way, the event is spectacular and a lot of fun. Some people refer to it as the Carnival of New York. If you are worried about finding NYC safe parking for your car while you are having fun, look out for the safe and convenient Icon parking facility.

History of the Halloween Parade?

The first Halloween Parade was held in 1973. It used to be a low-key affair until 2001, when the New York Village Halloween Parade was broadcast to the whole world as a sign that New York was bouncing back after the horrific September 11 attack. This year (2021), Jeanne Fleming is the organizer of the parade, which will take place on Halloween Sunday, October 31.

How to Join the Parade

Joining the parade is as simple as slotting yourself in between the marching crowds of zombies, ghouls, and monsters. You must have a costume to be allowed to march with the revelers. The procession starts from Sixth Avenue and Canal Street from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm. The 6th avenue entrances will be blocked off by 6:30. You can join the march from East Broome, Sullivan, and Canal Streets. So, plan your route before arrival, so you won’t have any problems finding NYC safe parking and joining the parade on time.

How to Watch the Parade

If you plan to be a spectator, the best spots to watch are located along 6th Avenue. It usually becomes congested with spectators between Bleaker Street and 14th Street. Make sure that you arrive early to secure your spot, as well as allow time for finding NYC safe parking for your car.

The Village Halloween parade in New York is one of the city’s best entertainment. Many people take great pains to see the parade. They take up perches in trees and climb on phone booths to better view the costumed participants. So, if you are in New York around Halloween, don’t miss the Village Halloween Parade.

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