Summer Activities: NYC Rooftop Restaurants

The bustling city of New York certainly came to a standstill when the peak of the pandemic hit, yet as the situation is gaining control, the city is returning gradually to its former bustling glory. NYC has been a favorite for students, corporate employees, and travelers alike. Pre-Covid statistics stated that more than 66.6 million people visited the Big Apple annually. However, everyone today is conscious and cooperative in carrying out safe NYC travel.

An intriguing change to NYC travel preferences is the increasing number of cars versus previous preferences like that of trains. This is helping travelers, tourists, and residents to maintain social distancing. Catching up with the pace of this trend are parking garages that provide affordable, all-day parking facilities to keep traffic manageable and cars safe. So, if you are looking for Covid-Safe tips for navigating around, here are 4 summertime recommendations for taking a safe and engaging trip to NYC.

1. Visit Exquisite Rooftop Restaurants

Delicious food, great weather, and good company is a combination can enliven the most tired souls. In NYC, you can find some of the best rooftop restaurants with bars that provide a unique ambiance and are extremely appealing for diners to linger in. Whether you are craving Italian, Japanese, Indian or American classical cuisine, you can find delicious varieties within walking distance. Furthermore, NYC travel is somewhat incomplete without having gone to a steakhouse! Besides, these social hotspots are most respectful of public safety and follow due guidelines to their very best.

2. Explore the Iconic Architecture

Whether it be the Empire State Building, the Whitney Museum of American Art, Guggenheim Museum, Lever House, or The High Line project, NYC has some great architecture to offer. Their grandeur, elegance and global recognition as architectural marvels dot them on every traveler’s checklist. Even for the locals, a weekend visit to the same place can be a refreshing choice.

3. Take a Scenic Drive Upstate For a Day

From breathtaking country lanes to scenic mountains, lakes, and farms, New York has it all. Whether you own a car or have it rented, a peaceful drive can sometimes be the best way to unwind and chill. You can explore the gorgeous views of the Hudson River Valley by driving along Palisades Parkway to Bear Mountain. If you are searching for a forest route with wildflowers and rustic churches, Route 9 to Sleepy Hollow can be an exciting drive. If you wish to explore multiple viewpoints, like Tusten Mountain Trail, Elks Brox Memorial Park, French Woods State Forest Preserve, or the Crystal Lake State Reservation, then definitely plan your route on The Upper Delaware Scenic Byway.

4. Check Out Seasonal Events

An emerging epicenter of entertainment in New York is that of Manhattan. Central Park activities are changing every week, so you are sure to find a festival or event perfect for your trip. There is also an exciting VR world there, showcasing the world of the future. However, you should always check with covid guidelines and buy tickets beforehand before choosing your day’s itinerary.

For those traveling by car, or corporate businesses looking for parking facilities, search for safe parking like that of Icon Parking lots. Once you have your car in safe hands, set out to explore this dreamy city or even take a stroll to your workplace. Ultimately, we are all looking to be happy and healthy, so, navigating a safe NYC trip can ensure joy and health for you and others around.

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