How Should You Spend Your Labor Day in NYC?

Labor Day is an official United States federal government holiday meant to celebrate the successes of working Americans. Labor Day falls on different dates each year, but you can expect one day free from work between first and seventh September. However, most people recognize it as the unofficial culmination of summer. So, if you’re back in New York city for the summer, here are some events you can check out with help from our parking app.

An NYC Park

New York features numerous parks open to the public, such as Central Park, Madison Square Park, Riverside Park, The High Line, Washington Square Park, etc. If you’re back in the city from summer, you can remind yourself of what it feels like to chill in the park and engage in various activities such as boat rides, bike rides, etc.

The U.S. Tennis Open

The U.S. Tennis Open is not only the most popular NYC event during Labor Day but also the biggest sporting event in NYC for the entire year. So feel free to get tickets and enjoy the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center atmosphere. With bug events like this, it can be hard to find parking. According to, New York drivers spend 107 hours on average looking for parking spots. If you want to plan out your trip with a reserved parking spot, check out our options on our website.

New York’s Beautiful Beaches

As summer is coming to an end, it might be a good idea to finish it with a traditional summer activity. What is a better way than to visit the beach? New York has some beautiful beaches, such as Cherry Grove and Fort Tilden, which you can visit on your three-day Labor Day weekend.

If you’re in New York during Labor Day weekend, check out some of these events. Start planning your Labor Day weekend now and check out our parking app options.

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