Safe Holiday Parking for Shows in NYC

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Finding guaranteed parking in New York can be a challenge. That can be quite a problem seeing as, on average, a vehicle is generally parked for about 95% of the time in the U.S. However, it’s not entirely impossible. With the right tips, you can find guaranteed parking readily available. Here are some spots for safe holiday parking for shows in NYC.

The Westin New York Times Square Advance Parking, 249-253 W 43rd St

This is a great and safe spot to park in NYC. Not to mention that it’s also quite affordable. Parking in this area is off-site, and you pay a fee of 50$ daily. However, you must note that these rates are exclusive of taxes and fees. Apart from that, there is also one other thing to keep in mind. If you bring a vehicle that is considered oversized, you will incur a daily rate of at least $75.

The Standard Highline, 111 Eighth Ave 385 W 15th St

This is another safe place to park your vehicle if you happen to be in NYC. The parking area is also quite easy to locate if you use your parking app, and it’s probably the cheapest place in the TriBeCa/ Greenwich Street area. For a day of parking, you will likely pay around 20-30$. This makes it an ideal place to park if you don’t prefer street parking, which can be a bit unsafe. Another good thing about this place is that you won’t have to walk super deep into the ground to get to the check-in desk

Knickerbocker Global Parking, 143-145 W 40th St

This place is easily the best parking garage in the area. It’s an indoor parking facility with some of the best staff as well. Almost everyone agrees when it comes to the level of professionality displayed by this parking garage. The garage is quite clean and spacious, and you can be guaranteed that your vehicle is totally safe when you leave it there. Apart from that, the place also has very reasonable prices, especially for an indoor lot.

These are some of the spaces where you will find guaranteed parking for your vehicle in NYC. It’s important to ensure that you only park your vehicle in a safe area where nothing will happen to it. Your best bet will probably be a place with indoor parking and tight security. That way, you can enjoy your activities without thinking about what undesirable things might be happening to your car.

Park With Peace of Mind

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