Returning to Work After Covid? Use These Parking Tips

In 2020, most offices closed or reduced the number of employees working from the office. Most people worked from home; however, employers are starting to call their employees to work from the office again this year. Of course, returning to the office means the return of the nightmare of finding parking near your workplace.

Parking Spaces Are Very Limited

Pre-covid, American drivers spent about 17 hours per year driving around to find parking spots. The wasted time, fuel, and emissions add up quickly. It was estimated that those 17 hours lose drivers $345 each year. That is just for a normal gas car. If you own an EV or hybrid car and need a charge point for your car while at work, the parking options are even more limited. Most of the time, parking in the street is not an option, especially in New York City, where space is limited. You may have to move your car a couple of times a day to allow for street cleaning and avoid a fine. Alternatively, you can park your car in a parking garage. There are many parking garages available, but the services they provide differ.

Choose a Parking Garage

Working in an office forces you to use a parking space every day, so you need to make sure that the parking garage you choose has the necessary facilities, for example, an EV charging station. The place should also be serious about preventing the spread of COVID-19 infections. Once you start coming to the office again, the last thing you need is to get infected with COVID-19 through contact with contaminated surfaces at a parking garage. To ensure your safety while at work, choose a reputable garage company, like Icon Parking.

Icon Parking Is a Parking Solution

There are more than 60 sites in New York City where you can find an Icon Parking facility. We are equipped to handle electric and hybrid vehicles with safe and clean charging stations. Our new contact-less app helps you book a spot, so it’s available when you need it and limits the need to touch anything other than your car. But if you need to touch a surface, you can be sure it is sanitized by our mask-wearing crew that cleans and disinfects surfaces inside the garage many times each day. So, book your monthly spot with our contact-less app to ensure your parking spot is ready for when you come back to the office.

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