Pride Parking: Lower Manhattan

2020 came and passed, and so did 2021. It’s now 2022 and COVID-19 is still around, although this time the restrictions have been lifted and in-person gatherings are now permitted. While caution is still advised and wearing masks in crowded places is expected, it’s time to get out and do some fun stuff, such as going out for dinner or lunch in the tri-state area of Lower Manhattan. You may also be participating in the Pride March during Pride Month, which is usually marked in June.

Speaking of Pride Month, the movement began in 1969 during the Stonewall Uprising. In 1970, the Christopher Street Liberation Day Committee organized the first NYC Pride March. Since then, there has been a Pride March every single year.

This year’s Pride March will be held on the 26th of June in New York. The aim of Pride Month is to recognize and celebrate the impact of the LGBTQ+ communities on society.

Places to Park your Car in Lower Manhattan

With at least 2 million people expected in New York this year, mostly around Lower Manhattan, on June 26th, the demand for convenient parking slots will be high. If you expect to be around the Lower East Side of Manhattan, which will be a beehive of activity during Pride Month, Icon Parking Systems has just the parking space for you and your friends.

Other places you can safely park are the East Village, Greenwich Village, and West Village. Icon Parking has safe parking spaces in each of these areas during the entire month of June when the LGBTQ+ community celebrates in Manhattan.

Fun Things to Do in Lower Manhattan

One of the most popular places to visit when in Lower Manhattan is the 9/11 Memorial and Museum. However, it is wise to sign up ahead of time for a guided tour, which will take you around the foundation of the twin towers. It’s an eye-opening experience that will nonetheless leave you highly uplifted.

While on the Lower East Side, consider visiting the MOMA. The museum gives one a glimpse of the colorful history of art. Here, you will come face to face with incredible sculptures and paintings.

Another exciting thing to do in Lower Manhattan is to take a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. This is among the many exciting experiences you can participate in while in New York, and you won’t be charged a dime!

The entire month of June will be a busy one for Manhattan. If you plan to be around this area, you will need safe parking for your team. Luckily, Icon Parking has enough parking slots, but book yours now as they are going fast! With easy parking, you can get on with the business of enjoying all that New York has to offer. Get ready to view or participate in the humongous Pride March!

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