Parking Near Holiday Markets in NYC

parking near central park

If you’re in New York City during the holidays, there’s nothing better than checking out the many holiday markets. There, you can soak up the sights and sounds of Christmas, and maybe even pick up some unique gifts for friends and family. But if you plan on checking out the holiday markets, it’s important that you know how and where to park.

Parking During the Holidays

It’s estimated that drivers hunt for parking spots about 17 hours a year. All that time adds up to more than $300 in wasted emissions, time, and fuel. But if you’ve got your heart set on parking near Central Park, remember that it’s the holiday season. During the holidays, many on-street parking rules can be temporarily affected, even suspended. If you’re tech-savvy, follow the NYC Department of Transportation’s Twitter account.

Get Smart

One of the best things you can know about parking near NYC holiday markets is to learn about the nature of your surroundings. Over time, you can learn which streets are more crowded than others and at what times. If you’re only there for a weekend visit, consider using the web. Different sites can tell you what the parking situation is at a given time. So, if you’re looking for parking near Central Park, keep an eye on the web for when spots open up.

Consider Parking Garages

Parking near Central Park may be an ambition of yours, but if you can’t get there, New York has plenty of parking garages at the ready. One of the biggest benefits of parking in these behemoths is that you’re almost always guaranteed a spot and you’ll save a lot of time. You likely won’t save money, but if you’re trying to get to nearby holiday markets, this will save you time and frustration.

New York City can be absolutely wonderful during the holidays. But if you’re looking for parking, it’s best to be patient. The Big Apple is always busy and you may have to hunt for a parking spot for a while before you’re able to park your car. If all else fails, grab a spot in a parking garage, so you can spend more time at the holiday markets and less time stuck searching for parking.

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