What to Pack in Your Car for a Trip to Central Park

Are you planning for a car trip to Central Park, New York? Well, it’s best to be well prepared to enjoy every moment of your trip. New York is an amazing city, but the truth is, nothing will ever prepare you for the experience. With almost 27,000 inhabitants per square mile, New York Metropolis has the highest population density of any large city in the United States. In addition, over 60 million tourists travel to New York every year. Thus, it’s important that you pack all the necessities during your trip. Below is a guide on what to pack.

Clothes and Toiletries

The core of any good NYC packing list is your clothing and toiletries. Check the weather forecast before planning your clothing for your trip. In the spring, a trip to NYC could include anything from a surprise snowfall to a beautiful day with temperatures in the mid-80s. On the other hand, if you want to visit during Christmas, pack a thick coat, hat, mittens, and a scarf since it will be chilly!

A Good Daypack

A solid daypack can make the difference between a tiring trip and an exciting adventure that leaves you feeling rejuvenated. Make sure your daypack is light, weather-resistant, comfortable, and has a few partitioned areas to keep your snacks and beverages away from your camera.

Water Bottle

Walking is a certainty while visiting New York City. Walking causes dehydration, and purchasing a water bottle from neighborhood bodegas can be costly. Hence, traveling or roaming around town with a collapsible bottle is ideal. Check to see whether it will fit comfortably in your bag. You can save money for more important items like frozen yogurt in Central Park if you don’t buy a bottle when you arrive.


If you’re planning to travel to Central Park, it’s good to bring along an umbrella. If it rains during your visit, you’ll be glad you did. Otherwise, you’ll be overpaying for an emergency umbrella from a street seller that will break in 10 minutes.

Pepper Spray

New York City has a good reputation for many things, but petty crime is regrettably not one of them. It’s impossible to be too cautious, but you’re unlikely to have any serious problems if you take basic measures. A pepper spray is a simple and inexpensive approach to keep yourself extra protected; simply carrying it in your handbag or day bag will make you feel safer.

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