Oversized Vehicle Parking + What Is Considered Oversized

If you’re planning a trip to NYC, you should start by researching safe parking. It can get tricky in the city, especially if you’re planning to travel in an oversize vehicle. However, there are many options that can solve your issues and helpful apps that can help you find the right parking lots for your needs.

According to the NYC Department of City Planning, this area has the highest population density of all the other cities in America with more than 27,000 people per square mile. So, let’s find out what is considered oversized parking to ensure that you’re never caught off guard while driving and parking!

What Is an Oversized Vehicle?

There’s a simple rule to determine if a car is oversized. If it’s 181 or more in length, or if it’s 65 inches or more in height. If you have a regular-sized car but with an accessory such as a bike rack or a storage container on top, it could still be considered oversized, and tons of travelers in NYC might have those special add-ons.

Therefore, it’s important to stay on top of rules and regulations. Since safe parking can charge more money for oversized vehicles, there might be some specific limitations on what you can and can’t have on your vehicle.

Parking an Oversized Vehicle in NYC

Most lots like Icon and Quik Park will charge $15 for oversized cars for 24-hour parking, which is a great deal but definitely more expensive than regular vehicles. Meanwhile, there could be an oversized vehicle tax if you want to park in other areas, and it’s vital to know if your vehicle will be considered too large so that you can find safe parking ahead of time and not waste gas money driving around in the densely populated city.

Planning ahead is always best in these matters because you don’t want to be surprised by extra fees at the end of a trip or, even worse, be stuck with fines for being parked in the wrong designated area.

Now that you know all the details about oversized parking in New York City, you can continue planning your trip to the Big Apple, particularly when it comes to finances and what you’ll be spending each day. Remember, turn to the Icon Parking App to find safe standard and oversize parking in NYC!

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