Need An Idea for Your Next NY Weekend Out?

According to NYC Planning, New York City contains over 40% of New York State’s entire population. With many people come many amazing new places to check out. There are numerous reasons why New York City is a fun place to live in or visit. Continue reading if you need an idea for your next NY weekend out.

Iconic Places to Explore

New York City has tons of spots you can explore, and the big question is where to begin? For starters, you have areas near Chelsea, Tribeca, Midtown East, and Upper West Side, which are perfect if you’re interested in the culinary arts. There’s also the Iconic Smorgasburg Food Market at World Trade Center, Back Yard Bites at Hudson Yards, and Greenwich Village Food Tour if you want to sample New York City’s finest flavors. Want some live outdoor entertainment? You can always go ahead and reserve a spot and get ready to turn up the volume by diving into New York’s film and music culture.

Enjoy New York City With Family and Friends

The good news is that your next weekend can even be more lit because there are many events where you can bring your family and friends along. For instance, the next Yankees game would be the perfect opportunity to escape the humdrum of life. This NYC event is always a big deal, and there are many other events like that geared to bring family and friends together in the spirit of fun. So, don’t hesitate to grab your family and friends because if you want to enjoy New York City, the more, the merrier.

Where to Find Parking

The good news is you can always find good parking wherever you’re with Icon Parking. This is the go-to option whether you’re looking for daily or monthly parking in NYC. With so many places to visit and explore throughout NYC, you never have to worry about where to park because Iconic parking has an extensive parking system. What’s more, after parking your car, you can confidently walk away because all the facilities are safe and secure. Have fun enjoying the hottest and latest NYC event without worrying about where to find safe parking spots.

New York City has many great places to be whether you want to explore music, film, or restaurants. For more ideas on which next NYC event to attend and convenient parking wherever you’re, check out Icon Parking’s Things To Do, Specials, and Parking on our website.

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