Why You Need to Consider Using Icon’s Guaranteed Parking Services in NYC

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Statistics from the Bureau of Transportation shows that private vehicles remain one of the best commuter choices in the U.S. Over 66% of Americans prefer to commute to work in their cars, citing convenience as a critical factor in the decision. However, the increased motorized trips eventually lead to parking nightmares.

Getting convenient and safe parking in Manhattan and the other boroughs can be a daunting challenge. Hunting for open slots leads to time loss, congestion, and increased emissions. A recent study on driver patterns in Upper West Manhattan shows that motorists cruised for over a third of a mile before locating an open parking space. Now more than ever, businesses and corporates need to invest in guaranteed parking spaces for their executives, staff, and clients.

Corporate Parking for Your Staff

With the high traffic within Manhattan, your employees could constantly be competing for the limited parking spaces available. Your staff hunting for open slots may lead to loss of productivity and frustrations within the workplace. It may also escalate staff conflicts and tensions, which are detrimental to your business goals.

Securing employee parking plans through Icon Parking can help provide safe and convenient parking slots for your staff. Besides, you can include the company parking as an impressive perk as part of their employee benefits. Guaranteed parking has become one of the most desirable employee benefits alongside health and remuneration.

Improve Your Business Image Among Your Clients

Customers rank sufficient parking space among their top considerations for their favorite retail spaces. Driving around looking for an open slot can be frustrating for your clients. With limited spots open and street parking out of the question, your customers may have to battle in the city to find a parking spot before walking into your offices. Icon Parking operates safe and clean facilities across Manhattan, which may allow your clients to park nearer to your business. Reserve a space for your guests and improve your business reputation.

Save On Your Parking Costs

Business parking in NYC can be expensive, usually compared to acquiring a small apartment when you buy the slot outright. On-site parking spaces are never enough to handle all employees, leading to bad parking habits such as parking in handicap parking spots and blocking fire exits. For both large corporates and small enterprises, pre-paid corporate parking is a cost-effective solution to serve all participants.

With flexible options available, you can choose to pay wholesomely for the spot or opt for a 50/50 split arrangement with your employees. Additionally, long-term contracts allow you to enjoy massive discounts and end-year bonuses that save on your operation costs.

Convenience for EV owners

As the world turns towards reduced carbon emissions, NYC residents are also moving with the trend. EV car sales in 2018 rose by 63% to 36854, up from 24551 in 2017. The state estimates the number of EV vehicles on NYC roads might hit 850,000 by 2025. Icon Parking has over 60 garages and facilities with installed universal and Tesla charging ports. The charging stations may make life easier for your staff and clients with electric vehicles.

Parking in Manhattan doesn’t have to be a nightmare for your customers and staff. Guaranteed parking spaces through Icon Parking can help streamline your business operations with greater office efficiency. For more information on guaranteed parking, visit our website today.

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