Navigating New York City’s Holiday Attractions

According to the City Guide NY, during the 2022 holiday season, New York City is expected to receive an estimated 6.5 million visitors to its holiday attractions, tourist sites, and other areas of the city. If you are planning on joining them in celebration, you’ll want to closely read our tips for navigating the city during this busy time of year. Let’s go!

Park and Walk

New York really is a great walkable town. You’ll want to be able to park and then walk or take mass transit during your visit. Reserve a parking spot now and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you won’t have to search for a safe and convenient spot for your car. While some on-street parking is available, it can be unsafe and difficult to find.

Plan Your Visit to Make Geographic Sense

Navigating the city is a lot easier when you look at it as a grid. Group activities and events by geographic area to get the most out of your visit and celebration. For example, if you are seeing a matinee performance on Broadway, plan some other activities in the midtown area before and after the play. The Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center is, of course, a must-see, so be sure to add it to your list. You can also visit the shops on Fifth Avenue to see the window displays.

Don’t Be Afraid to Venture Off of the Beaten Path

There’s a lot to see and do in NYC, so be sure to pace yourself! NYC is comprised of five boroughs, so don’t think you have to spend all of your time in Manhattan. The Botanical Gardens and The Cloisters are just two examples of wonderful holiday attractions that may not be as crowded as those in midtown. If you are navigating the city via mass transit after dropping off your vehicle, look for options that are close to a subway or bus stop.

There’s something so special about New York City during the holiday season. From the roasting chestnuts to the window decorations to ice skating in the park, there’s something for everyone during the Yuletide celebration! Plan your trip now to ensure that you fit in everything you want to do! And don’t forget to book your parking spot now so you can enjoy your visit without having to worry about your vehicle.

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