How Much Is Parking In NYC?

Do you own a vehicle and live in New York City? Or maybe you are considering traveling to New York with your car? One thing you should know is that navigating NYC is not an easy fit. According to USA Today, drivers spend about 17 hours a year looking for parking spots. What makes things even worse is that parking in New York can be super expensive. Space can be quite costly in NYC. Whether you are looking for a spot to park for a few hours or store your car for the night, you should take time to figure things out, so you don’t part with too much money. A great way to save time would be to use an NYC parking app. Here’s how much parking costs in NYC.

Monthly Parking in New York City

This is perfect for you if you stay in NYC or if you are visiting for an extended period. Instead of paying hourly or daily, you should opt for monthly parking. On average, you will have to pay a monthly total parking fee of about $570. If you break it down to daily rates, you will be parting with just $19 per day. Considering the hourly parking rates, you will find that monthly parking is a great way to save tons of money. You can either get a monthly parking spot near your work or home if you are looking to enjoy these savings.

Early Bird Parking in New York City

If you are not staying too long, or if for some reason you don’t want to pay a monthly parking fee, you can also take advantage of early bird specials in New York. This is also perfect for occasional visitors. To qualify for early bird specials, you should be at the garage facility between 6:00 am and 10:00 am. Sometimes the special can extend to 11 am. For a single low rate, you will be able to park your vehicle until 6:00 pm or for 12 hours, depending on what time you arrive. The early bird is usually $18 – $21 from Monday to Friday.

Overnight Parking in NYC

Parking your car on the street during the night is generally not a good idea. Anything can happen, and your car can even be broken into. Apart from that, you can end up with tickets. Fortunately, garages in NYC offer special overnight rates. You can also get weekend parking rates if your plan is to leave the car over the weekend. However, you can only enter and exit once over the weekend. Overnight parking ranges from $40 – $60 in NYC, while weekend parking ranges from $20 – $37.

Parking in the city can be quite expensive. Fortunately, if you choose the right garage, you can enjoy lots of specials. For instance, at icon parking, we offer 15% off daily parking rates starting at $20 or more. Get in touch with us to find out how you can save money when you park with Icon Parking. You can also use our NYC parking app to save time.

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