Monthly Parking Solutions Help New Yorkers Avoid Public Transit

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Public transit is ubiquitous in New York City. Even for those who have cars, buses and subways make it easy and affordable to get around. That said, these mass transportation options do have their drawbacks.

Although COVID-19 vaccinations are now widely available, many New Yorkers would rather be safe than sorry. As a result, you may want to forgo the use of public transit — like so many others have during the pandemic — in favor of using your own vehicle more frequently.

Of course, this option can come with its challenges, as well. Although you’ll limit your exposure to other people, finding guaranteed parking in such a densely populated city is no easy feat. In fact, New York City drivers spend around 107 hours per year just looking for parking spots! You deserve to have access to a safe monthly parking option that allows you to use your car as needed.

Monthly Parking Solutions Ease Stress and Promote Safety

Data does show that public transit ridership has decreased significantly during the pandemic. This has allowed those who continue to use mass transportation to spread out, rather than stay tightly packed into crowded cars or buses. What’s more, these transit systems often contain high-quality ventilation systems, which can keep users safe. Since mask mandates are still in effect on mass transit in New York State until further notice, some may feel perfectly safe taking the bus or subway during this time.

However, we’ve learned during the past year that every person has a different comfort level when it comes to health and safety decisions. Any choice to leave your home and go out into the world comes with an inherent risk, no matter how small. Because you probably won’t ever know the vaccination status of strangers with whom you share a subway car or how clean the station really is, you may feel uncomfortable with the idea of taking mass transit for now.

Undoubtedly, relying on your own vehicle will decrease your potential contact with others outside your household. Owning a car can provide you with the freedom to come and go as you please, often with lower risk levels than those who depend on public transportation. But if you’re using your vehicle for work, for running errands, or for day trips with your family this summer, you’ll want to be sure you have a monthly parking solution that can eliminate frustration and promote safety guidelines.

At Icon Parking, we have monthly parking garage availability across the city. We even run specials for many of our monthly parking solutions, allowing you to access convenient parking for an affordable price. And with our Parksafe option, you’ll benefit from ongoing features to keep you safe. We offer contactless reservations and payments, natural sanitizing stations, and staff members who follow all health and safety recommendations to protect your well-being.

Whether you’re immunocompromised or you simply want to err on the side of caution, our monthly parking solutions can make your life easier and safer during the ongoing pandemic. For more information on monthly parking in NYC, please contact us today.

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