The Latest on NYC EV Charging Stations

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Did you know that drivers spend 17 hours each year on average looking for a parking spot? Unfortunately, owners of electric vehicles may have to spend additional hours looking for the perfect EV charging spot. However, things are looking up for New York City drivers with EVs. Here’s the latest news you’ll love to know about.

More EV Charging Networks in the Future

Finding an EV charging spot while driving around in New York City used to be a hassle. Things have gotten better lately, but the future is much brighter with plans to expand the city’s EV charging network. The move is a gamechanger because it will completely revamp the city’s EV charging networks over the next decade. This is a welcome move because the number of electric vehicles in the city is guaranteed to increase, and the presence of convenient EV charging stations at strategic spots will make New York City an even more lucrative place to stay.

Reduced Greenhouses Emissions and a Better Environment

New York City’s Department of Transportation revealed its ambitious and drastic plan to “electrify” the city over the next few years. The main goal behind the plan is to reduce the city’s carbon footprint by making it convenient to own EVs that reduce greenhouse emissions and combat climate change.

Based on what the authorities in charge of the project said, when it comes to the climate crisis, the plan is to go big by expediting the adoption of EVs in the city. As to the size of the project, the city is looking to expand its network of EV charging stations by installing tens of thousands of public EV chargers. If you don’t already own an EV, this is the best time to make the investment, especially considering that the rule of law will be zero-emission vehicles in a couple of decades.

More Good News for New York City EV Owners

New York City authorities are going to great lengths to ensure that drivers of electric vehicles have every opportunity to recharge when they need to. Not only will drivers have access to public level 2 charges, but they will also have access to DC fast chargers. Fast chargers are terrific because they allow you to achieve an 80% charge within an hour. All in all, this is great news that delivers many benefits across many fronts. New York City EV Owners will enjoy the convenience of ample charging opportunities while the city achieves its eco-friendly goal.

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