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Icon Parking has built a reputation as one of the most widespread and reliable parking networks in Manhattan, New York, over the years. Due to its ubiquity in the Manhattan area, Icon Parking locations are never far away from drivers who need a safe space to park their cars while they run errands or perform other activities. Icon Parking facilities may be found in almost every high-profile, upscale neighborhood and business sector in Manhattan, giving unrivaled value to city residents, motorists, and visitors to various restaurants, Broadway theaters, music halls, events venues, and shopping. But how do the customers of Icon Parking facilities feel about our services?


Customers of Icon Parking facilities find the staff incredibly helpful and courteous. Reviews posted on TrustPilot highlight how the staff come in handy by offering directions to popular local spots, such as restaurants, theatres, and event halls. Customers report how the staff answers customer inquiries honestly and respectfully, leaving a strong impression that makes them want to use an Icon Parking facility the next time they are in Manhattan. Staff also exhibit remarkable organization and quickly respond to customer needs.


Customers also reported their satisfaction with the service obtainable at Icon Parking facilities. Most reviews highlight the excellent and timely nature of the services and how the attendants took it upon themselves to ensure that every customer complaint or difficulty was answered and solved. One review cited one instance where a vehicle parked at the entrance of one of the parking facilities constituted a blockage to the entry and exit of other vehicles parked at the facility. A staffer quickly moved to locate the vehicle’s driver and contacted a towing service. The threat of the offending driver’s vehicle being towed away caused the driver to quit being nonchalant, and the vehicle was subsequently removed.


Customer reviews of Icon Parking facilities on TrustPilot often highlight how easy it was for them to book ahead of time. Many customers also noted the easy retrieval of their vehicles when it was time for them to leave. Easy retrieval was a huge attraction for first-timers, who noted the ease with which they retrieved their vehicles compared to the stress they had to endure while using other parking facilities. Staffers were also nice enough to provide extra time at no cost to customers when they had to respond to an emergency or just out of courtesy.

According to research from Fane & Fuel, 97% of participants in their study said customer reviews factor into their decisions. Let our positive reviews speak for themselves. Icon Parking facilities in New York are ideal for drivers looking for safe parking spots with swift service, easy reservation, and easy vehicle retrieval. Do you need a parking facility for your time in Manhattan, New York? Give us a call today to reserve a spot.

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