How Icon Parking Can Streamline Your NYC Parking Troubles

What is keeping you from visiting NYC? If you are like many other people, it is the time it takes to find parking. According to Drivers World, drivers in the United States spend about 17 wasted hours every year looking for parking. Visiting NYC can quickly turn into aimless driving around as you look for a spot to park, but there is good news. With the Icon Parking app, you can avoid aimless driving.

Have a Spot Waiting

How much easier would it be to visit NYC and check out the attractions instead of looking for parking? Sounds like a dream. Everyone knows New York City is one of the hardest places on the planet to find parking, but with Icon Parking, that struggle disappears. Using their app, you can have a spot ready when you arrive. Icon Parking makes it easier than ever to have safe, secure parking across the city.

Use the App

Whether you are on your way to the city or plan to visit NYC soon, you can conveniently book parking. An easy-to-use parking app makes it easy to find the perfect spot right near your destination in the city.

Download the app, log in, and pick your spot. It can be that easy to find parking. Find parking from home or when you are on your way.

Park For As Long As You Need

Are you coming to the city for a weekend? For a week or for a few hours? With the Icon Parking app, you can have a spot for as long as needed. Worry-free parking can make a difference when you are visiting NYC. You can pre-book your spot, extend the time you need, and make other changes on the app. You don’t have to waste time and energy worrying about parking.

Enjoy Your Extra Time

If worrying about parking keeps you from visiting and enjoying NYC, you can put all that worry to rest. There is an easier way to experience New York City. Use the parking app that lets you take control of your parking. After you park, you can spend all that remaining time enjoying yourself in the city, experiencing the many wonderful places to eat, drink, socialize, and more.

Get the Icon Parking app today and take advantage of all the perks of knowing where to park. Or, contact our team today if you have any questions.

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