How do I use a promo code?

You can apply a promo code before you book on the website or the IconGO app. On the website, log in and go to MY ACCOUNT, then MY PROMO CODES, and then enter your code under SAVE PROMO CODE. To enter a promo code in the IconGO app, from the main menu, select MY PROMO CODES AND CREDITS, and you will see a button at the bottom of your screen that reads ADD PROMO CODE. Select that button, and you will be able to add a promo code for future use.

You also can enter the code on the checkout page where it says PROMO CODE (optional) and pressing APPLY before you book. The total price of the reservation should reflect the promo code. Note, in some instances, promo codes in online ads will enable you to directly pre-populate the promotion just by clicking on the promotion. Sit back, search and save!

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