Finding Parking for the NYC Half Marathon on March 20

The NYC Half-Marathon this year is on Sunday, March 20 starting at 7 a.m. Whether you’re running, volunteering, joining the millions of spectators, or watching at home, it is sure to be an exciting day. The half marathon is expected to attract many spectators. For reference, the annual 26.2-mile marathon usually attracts over 2.5 million spectators line the course.

There are many ways to watch the race along the course, at the finish line, and via the broadcast on TV, computer, tablet, or phone. To avoid the additional stress of a long walk or a parking ticket, apps for parking are sure to help. Here’s what you need to know about the parking situation for the 2022 NYC Half Marathon.

The Half-Marathon Route

The half-marathon begins at Prospect Park in Brooklyn and ends at Central Park. Once in Manhattan, runners will race along the Lower East Side, up to Midtown, and through Times Square before finishing in Central Park. It also passes through famous landmarks like Times Square and Grand Central Station. Highlights of the course included crossing the Manhattan Bridge, where runners took in skyline views of Brooklyn and Queens. With wide streets, fully closed roads, and an interesting and inspiring route, the United Airlines NYC half marathon is a great event.

Icon Parking Options

Icon Parking is proud to provide some parking options for the event. These include Parkside Garage at 125 Parkside Ave and 64th West End Parking at 285 W 64th St for some close proximity options. There are many more parking options in Brooklyn and the Upper Westside listed on our website. Our parking service will list the parking rate, the distance from the event, and the average rating of the parking area. You can book the parking in advance and even on nights or weekends. Check out our website for promo codes to get a discount on your parking. Additionally, use apps for parking to discover even more areas to park for the NYC Half-marathon.

Apps for parking are a great way to plan your parking needs for huge events like this one. Check out our website or contact us today for more information on how to find the best parking areas to watch the NYC Half-Marathon on March 20.

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