Enjoy the Fall in NY With These Fun Activities

The spookiest season of the year is finally here! It’s time to learn about the best places and events to celebrate this magical month. New York is famous for its tourism and seasonal events, and October is no exception, as the craziest costume nights are just around the corner. Spend the night with family and friends visiting the best establishments and gear up with your favorite costumes and Halloween trinkets. Let’s learn about the events you shouldn’t miss this fall.

Village Halloween Parade

Let’s start with a must-see event in NYC, the Village Halloween Parade. This crazy and colorful parade is perfect for quality family time while being amazed at the zombies, ghouls, monsters, and many more.

If you’re a fan of old-school monsters, the Village Halloween Parade is an event you need to see. However, if you want to enjoy a classical rendition of a masterpiece, you should go to Broadway and enjoy Andrew Lloyd Webber’s classic The Phantom of the Opera.  According to American Music Theatre, this incredible event is the longest-running broadway show with over 10,000 performances.

Apple Picking

Not every October event has to do with Halloween, and the apple-picking event is the perfect choice for those who only want quiet family time. Autumn is the season of two symbolic fruits, apples and pumpkins. Have a fun time following the apple and pumpkin picking tradition.

Halloween Parties

One of the best parts of Halloween is a costume party with your friends, and the NYC Halloween Party is a massive event where everyone gathers to celebrate the Halloween spirit. Have a blast dancing and showing off your costume. There are numerous pubs and bars with thematic parties all around NY. Find one that suits your needs and invite your friends and loved ones.

For the little kids at home, there’s the Halloween Block Party, where they can dress up as their favorite cartoon character or superhero and play with other kids.

October is a month filled with fun and energy, and the numerous events hosted in NYC are living proof of it. We advise you to celebrate responsibly and have the time of your life in this magical, mystical, and mysterious month. Of course, if you’re driving around New York this season, you’ll want to make sure you can find safe and convenient parking. Contact us today to learn more about our parking services throughout the tri-state area.

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