How Employee Parking Plans Can Benefit You

employee parking plans Parking problems, like congestion or a lack of accessible parking, have the potential to stir up a great deal of tension. Tenants, employees, customers, and tourists vie for available parking in New York City on a day-to-day basis.

Do your employees a great kindness by saving them the hassle of finding reliable parking in Manhattan. Here are just a few perks of providing corporate parking for employees.

Promote Good Habits

The average U.S. driver will spend as many as 17 hours annually looking for a parking spot. Those 17 hours amount to $345 in lost time, emissions, and fuel costs. If you task employees with finding a spot day-in and day-out, you will likely feel the brunt of that cost — with multiple employees — over time.

That is where employee parking plans come in. One of the very best perks of employee parking plans is availability. Employees will always have a place to park. That means that you and your staff members will receive fewer calls from employees on their way into work about driving around trying to find a spot. Available parking — or lack thereof — will not affect employees’ ability to come into work on time and it certainly won’t be a regular excuse day after day.

Plus, if an employee is going to be very late, take a half-day, or call in sick, you will have plenty of parking available for the person covering for them as well.

Keep Employees Happy

While it’s true that employee parking plans benefit you by encouraging employees to find parking quickly and be on time, corporate parking also keeps your workers happy.

No one likes circling around, again and again, to see if a parking spot has opened up, nor do they like parking long distances away from where they need to be because that was the only available spot. Both scenarios can put your employees in a bad mood before they even walk through the door. Corporate parking solves this problem and increases job satisfaction.

Use Parking as an Extra Incentive

Many employees feel extra motivated by winning awards like ‘Employee of the Month’ and getting little perks from that title, like a parking spot especially close to the building. Designate a coveted spot, and let employees know that it is up for grabs based on their work performance.

Keep employees happy, on time, and extra motivated by investing in corporate parking or employee parking plans.

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