Corporate Parking Is a Must in NYC

corporate parking

If you manage or own a business in NYC corporate parking can be one of the biggest challenges you have to overcome. Company parking can come at a steep price in NYC. A great guaranteed parking spot can cost as much as a small apartment if you buy it outright.


There is a much better solution for your corporate parking needs. Parking for businesses does not have to require a second mortgage. You just need to know where to find the corporate parking options that you can depend on.


The Problems


No one can deny that parking in Manhattan and the outer boroughs can be a total nightmare. First, finding a spot literally means arriving about an hour or two before rush hour traffic arrives. Second, feeding that meter can really get out of control, and third, your vehicle is on the street where let’s face it, the risks are tremendous.


For a business, prepaid corporate parking is a must. Asking clients to find parking in the city is simply unrealistic. Having employees troll around looking for parking is not only stressful for them but of course, it also cuts into the workflow time.


Employee parking plans can put an end to all that parking stress and strife and provide your employees and clients with corporate parking options off the street. It is the smarter way to do business.


Who Should Pay?


You can approach the corporate parking plans in one of two ways, you as a manager, or owner, can look at it as the cost of doing business. You can also use corporate parking as a big draw to some of the best talent. Corporate parking is looked at as a tremendous perk when highly qualified candidates are considering a position.


You can make it a part of a benefits package by covering the entire cost of employee parking plans, or you can do a 50/50 split and cover part of the package. Some employers pay of the reserved corporate parking spots for upper-level executives and offer a partial payment for lower-level employees.


There are quite a few approaches you can take to make parking easier for employees, management, and guests. You have a full plate of responsibilities, where you are going to park every day should not even be on your list of things to worry about.


Provide your clients, guests, employees, and yourself with the guaranteed parking that makes doing business in NYC easier.

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