Convenient Access to EV Charging Where You Live, Work, and Play

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With an influx of electric vehicles (EVs) in New York City, there is a need for more places to charge those electric cars. Fewer people are taking the train and more are purchasing cars to allow them to get to their jobs. Business owners need spaces for their employees to park with EV charging stations. With the proper EV charging stations, some high-end EVs are able to get more than 330 miles with just one charge.

What Is Manhattan Doing About it?

The city of New York is taking over about 100 parking spots to make room for EV charging stations. They are taking on a four-year plan to encourage those coming into the city to purchase electric vehicles. These new spots are only available to electric vehicles. There are currently about 15,000 EVs in New York City with approximately 1,400 Level 2 plugs. These plugs take about four to eight hours to charge to about 80%. There are a little more than 100 EV charging stations that charge faster, up to 80% in less than one hour. Electric vehicle owners will find that the new EV charging stations are equipped with Level 2 plugs.

Why Select an Electric Vehicle?

Electric Vehicles run primarily on electricity. Most other vehicles run on gas or diesel. An electric vehicle can be a car, truck, or bus. They run on battery, either partially or entirely, or they use a hydrogen fuel cell to generate electricity to run. There are many benefits to an electric vehicle. These benefits include fewer emissions and less noise. You can also get a discount on tolls and ride in the high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lane.

The city of New York is creating a network of charging stations that are accessible to the public, especially for those that do not have access to charging stations at their homes. The city understands that there is a gap for many electric vehicle owners. As a result, they are expanding the public’s access to EV charging stations across all of the boroughs.

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