Why Consider a Safe Monthly Parking Option During COVID-19?

safe monthly parking option

A recent survey reported that 63% of 6,000 U.S. drivers avoid driving to airports, leisure or sport centers, shopping sites, and other destinations due to parking challenges. Although pandemic restrictions continue to ease up, taking precautions is vital, including where you park.

While no one is certain what the world will look like after COVID-19, going back to normal seems like ancient history. Embracing the new normal is the trend now that some businesses are re-opening.

Read on to understand why you need a safe monthly parking option for your business.

Enjoy Contactless Payment

The World Health Organization continues to recommend against using cash transactions. A safe monthly parking option with contactless check-ins and check-outs aids in reducing contact between people and surfaces when re-opening businesses.

With Icon Parking’s contactless app, you can eliminate the need to touch any public screens or buttons to check into your parking space. This reduces your risk of coming into contact with surfaces contaminated by respiratory droplets that may contain the COVID-19 virus. With the reservation feature, you can reserve a parking slot in secured garages around New York City.

Even when the concerns of the ongoing pandemic are long gone, this technology remains to be the best as it is convenient and easy to use.

Responsive Virtual Customer Service

A safe parking plan without virtual customer service can be complex. Unlike parking lots with an attendant on-site, this technology offers you access to virtual support for guaranteed parking 24/7. The software included in the app provides digital solutions to aid in reducing complexities related to public parking.

Instant messages and online responses are top-priority to users who may need to consult on available discounts and more. The parking system comes with an easy-to-navigate user interface, enabling ultra-fast booking times. You also get seamless check-ins and check-outs.

Cost and Time-Effective

When you’re trying to find on-street parking, you can find yourself wasting gas trying to find a parking spot. This not only costs money but it also costs time. With Icon Parking, you have a safe monthly parking option you can access whenever you need. What’s more, each parking garage is disinfected regularly to ensure your safety.

Icon Parking is the safe and secure parking solution you need to make NYC parking easier. For more information about our contactless parking or to reserve a parking spot with us, contact Icon Parking today.

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