Where Can I Find EV Charging Stations in NYC?

The sales of electric vehicles have been steadily growing since 2011. It’s no surprise why: electric vehicles are better for the environment and produce fewer carbon emissions into the air compared to gas-powered vehicles. This is especially good for larger metropolitan areas like New York City where drivers waste fuel every year just looking for a parking space.

What’s more, while electric vehicles may be a more expensive investment initially, motorists don’t need to worry about paying for changing gas prices depending on which area of the city they’re in. Instead, they can plug their vehicles into EV charging stations and fuel up as they park. Of course, finding EV charging stations isn’t always easy. It can be nearly impossible to find off-street parking on its own.

Fortunately, there are a few ways you can find a place in the Big Apple to refuel your car and one key place where you can both charge and park your vehicle.

Use EV charging applications

Certain phone apps can help you locate electric vehicle charging stations nearby. Three of the most commonly used apps include:

  • Open Charge Map: Open Charge Map is an open-source map listing EV charging stations provided by companies and nonprofits.
  • Alternative Fueling Stations: This mapping app is run by the U.S. Department of Energy and can help to find local EV charging locations in your area.
  • PlugShare: PlugShare is an app available both for Android and iOS while also being available online. The app allows users to find EV charging stations, connect with other EV drivers, and leave reviews. The app also has filters so you can narrow down what kind of EV charging station you’re looking for.

Of course, it’s one thing to find an EV charging station and another to find a parking space that lets you charge your vehicle while you’re parked. That’s where Icon Parking Systems comes in.

Rent a parking space with Icon Parking Systems

Icon Parking is a high-quality, COVID-safe monthly parking garage. We have a variety of garages located around New York City so you can rent a space in a garage that’s convenient for you to access. Icon Parking also provides customers with convenient access to EV charging stations so you never have to worry about locating a station on an app.

Icon Parking offers EV charging stations equipped with Tesla chargers at over 60 Icon and Quik Park facilities and EV charging stations equipped with universal chargers at over 50 locations.

Ready to find a convenient EV charging station in NYC? Contact Icon Parking to learn more about our monthly parking solutions today.

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