Book-Now-Park-Now: NYC’s Only Instant Monthly Parking

With New York City comprising over two-fifths of New York State’s entire population, it’s no secret that finding a parking spot when you need it is nearly impossible. Monthly parking programs provide New York drivers with a safe monthly parking option they can use whenever they need it throughout that given month.

However, when you’re looking for a parking spot, the last thing you want to do is book a monthly parking deal only to learn you need to wait for your booking to go through. After all, you need that parking spot now, not later. Fortunately, Icon Parking has you covered with our latest “Book-Now-Park-Now” feature.

What is Book-Now-Park-Now?

Book-Now-Park-Now is Icon Parking’s latest and greatest monthly parking solution. Using our ParkSafe contactless app, you can now book a parking spot at one of our monthly parking garages across various neighborhoods in New York City. We’re the only business parking company that offers monthly parking that you can use on the same day.

How does the Book-Now-Park-Now monthly parking solution work?

To take advantage of Icon Parking’s Book-Now-Park-Now feature, simply select a neighborhood where you want to book your monthly parking spot on our contact-less app or website. Once you’ve chosen your neighborhood, you can pick from one of the monthly parking solutions we have available in that area. Tap on ‘Book Now,’ input your information, and you’ll be good to park.

How much is a monthly parking deal?

Icon Parking offers a wide array of monthly parking deals to help you find a parking garage in your budget. Depending on the neighborhood in which you want to park your vehicle throughout the month, monthly parking deals can range anywhere from $379 to $800. We also offer monthly specials where you can save over 50% off your first month’s parking for a limited time.

What makes Icon Parking worth it?

Not only is Icon Parking the only business in the parking industry to offer same-day parking for monthly deals but we also offer safe and secure parking solutions for New York Drivers with our ParkSafe services. ParkSafe is Icon Parking’s guarantee to provide fully contactless mobile reservations, payments, check-ins, and check-outs. We also provide Viking Pure natural cleaning stations at each and every one of our locations to help keep our parking garages sanitized in compliance with CDC guidelines.

When you choose to park with Icon Parking, you can feel confident knowing that you can find a same-day parking spot in a safe and secure garage. To learn more about our Book-Now-Park-Now monthly parking solution, contact Icon Parking today.

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