The Best Way to Park Your Vehicle in NYC

New York City is not just the biggest city in the nation but the most popular. For example, according to the City Guide NY, the city had 6.5 million tourists in the 2022 season alone. As a result, finding Times Square parking might as well be a myth or legend. That said, we have several tips you can use when trying to find the best place to park in this sprawling and amazing city.

Street Parking: Like Finding a Needle in a Haystack

Remember that episode of Seinfeld where George finally finds a street spot and fights over it with another driver? That’s not an exaggeration in NYC because finding a free spot on the street is basically like winning the lottery. Sure, there’s a chance it might happen, but it’s not really likely. Instead, you should consider another option that is designed for the city’s many residents and visitors.

Park and Ride: Time Consuming

Here’s the thing: most people visiting NYC park in a lot outside the city and ride in on an Uber or bus. However, that means you’re without a car during your whole visit. For New York City residents, walking everywhere is easy, but for visitors, the distance can be a struggle when you’re on your feet all day. Plus, the parking outside the city may be cheaper, but the cost to get a ride in cancels that pricing out. So if street parking and parking outside of the city aren’t feasible options, what is the best option for you?

Parking Garages: Easy and Manageble

New York City contains dozens of parking garages that almost always have open spots. Certain garages, like Icon Parking, use parking apps to streamline your parking experience. Whether you need a spot in Queens or Times Square parking, the team at Icon Parking and their parking app can make your parking experience streamlined and manageable.

With the Icon Parking app, you can find parking in NYC with ease. You can easily find Times Square parking or parking in Brooklyn during your trip, or wherever else you may need it! Thankfully, you can always contact us if you need more help. Contact Icon Parking today for more information about our parking garages, or start using our app for an easy way to find a spot for your vehicle!

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