Best Spring Events in NYC

NYC comes alive in the spring. There are many events planned to welcome spring to the city. Of course, the looming “where to park” problem always keeps people away. The good news is learning where to park in the city is as easy as booking parking via an app on your phone. Yes, you can reserve parking near the best spring events in NYC with Icon Parking. Here are some events and where to park.

MOMA’s Costume Exhibition

The Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art hosts the Spring Costume Collection exhibition. It is expected to be spectacular. Of course, the central location of MOMA in midtown Manhattan means you can also visit Central Park, Times Square, Carnegie Hall, and Rockefeller Center, all within easy walking distance. If you use the parking app, you will not have to worry about where to park; you can park your car, walk around midtown and enjoy the weather. It makes for a great outing.

Visit Battery Park

Battery Park is beautiful in the spring. It is a great spot to have a picnic lunch or enjoy one of the great cafes or restaurants in the area. Watch as the cruise ships and ferries move through the harbor. Battery Park is located on the southern tip of Manhattan. It is a vibrant area that is full of life. Take the ferry across to Ellis Island. See the iconic Statue of Liberty. Don’t worry about where to park; remember that our app covers you.

Plan Your Trip to Catch the Macy’s Flower Show

Macy’s is an iconic retailer in NYC, and every spring, they put on a stunning, unforgettable flower show. This show is alone worth the trip to the city. It has thousands of spectacular flowers on display that will get you in the spring frame of mind. Springtime in the city has an entirely different vibe. It is the best time of year to walk in the city. According to the DOT, cars spend 95% of their time parked. Don’t worry about leaving your car in a lot with Icon Parking. They’ll make sure your vehicle is safe for when you return.

Don’t let your worries about where to park taint your mood. Use the parking app that will have your spot ready so you can get out and enjoy all the glorious things to do in NYC in the spring. Get the Icon Parking app now and reserve your spot.

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