What Are the Benefits of Having a Car in NYC?

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Did you know that over two-fifths of New York state’s population is gathered in New York City? The city is packed, which is one reason why it can be difficult for NYC residents to feel as if they are socially distancing properly in the city, especially when they need to get out and about for daily errands or special, unavoidable appointments.

While public transportation has long been a mainstay of NYC’s culture, in a post-COVID environment it may be better for people to look elsewhere for transportation, even if that means paying for monthly parking fees. Let’s explore the benefits of owning a car in New York City.

1. COVID-19 Awareness

As previously mentioned, right now we all need to be more aware of COVID-19. A lot of New Yorkers are used to taking taxis or riding the subway in order to get around. But methods like these put you in close proximity to strangers, and you can’t be sure about their COVID-19 statuses or how careful they have been regarding the virus. You may not even be able to practice proper social distancing around them. But you can do that when driving your own vehicle.

2. Freedom

It doesn’t matter if you’re calling a traditional cab, using a rideshare app, or taking advantage of the metro system. If you’re using public transportation to get around, you are at the mercy of other drivers or transportation operators and their schedules. When you own your own car, you can get out whenever you need to. While a lot of us aren’t leaving our residences as much as we once did, a car can ensure your long-term freedom and can make it easier for you to get out in order to execute important tasks like doctor’s appointments and grocery shopping.

3. Storage

It’s simply easier for you to get out and about, gathering what you need in as few trips as possible (with as little exposure to others as possible) when you own your own car. Rather than taking three separate trips to different stores, you can pack your car with items you need. This cuts down on time wasted, and while the pandemic is still a factor, ensures that you’re a lot safer in the long term.

If you have a vehicle in New York City and you need a safe place to park your car, we’ve got you covered. Contact Icon Parking today to learn more about our contactless parking options.

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