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Icon Parking Employee New YorkAre you looking for a rewarding career! Icon Parking is a successful company that puts its employees first with annual increases and same day instant pay. Demand for parking in NYC is continuing to grow, and Icon is ready to recruit and hire parking attendants to work in its garage facilities across New York City.

Garage Attendants get Union Benefits

When you work for Icon, you are part of a workforce that has access to a wide range of benefits. Every team member receives paid time off, union benefits, annual increases, and same day instant pay. We also have a policy of promoting from within, and the majority of our senior staff started with the company as garage attendants, then worked their way up.

City-wide Coverage

Icon owns over 125 parking facilities across the city. This means that there’s usually one near you! Where possible, we try to match our valet attendants with a location that’s convenient to them. No matter where you live in NY, there will be an Icon parking lot near you.

Come and Join the fun

Icon Parking recognizes that the company is only as good as its employees. Our valet attendants are the customer-facing aspect of our organization – the people who can make a real difference to the experience our customers have. We value our parking attendants – not only do they enjoy an excellent package of benefits, recognizing the unique and special contribution that each team member makes to the success of our venture. Our growth over the past sixty years is, in a large part, down to the dedication and commitment of our valet attendants and other team members. If you or someone else you know is interested in joining the Icon team, please apply online and enjoy all the benefits that working for Icon brings!

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