How to Avoid Getting a Parking Ticket in New York City

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Owning a car can provide you with a newfound sense of freedom. But if you live or work in a bustling metropolis, having a car can sometimes feel like a burden. After all, drivers spend an average of 17 hours per year just searching for parking spots. And in a crowded city, guaranteed parking is hard to come by.


Of course, finding an open spot won’t be your only challenge. You’ll also need to make sure you can legally park in that spot — or else, you might risk getting a parking ticket. Since New York City parking tickets can often cost hundreds of dollars, you’ll want to avoid them at all costs. But whether you’re born-and-bred in one of the five boroughs or you’ve recently relocated to the Big Apple, how can you make sure you won’t be fined for a parking violation?


    • Don’t Forget the Meter: In New York City and elsewhere, you’ll want to pay close attention to your meter when you opt for street parking. Don’t assume that a broken meter means you don’t have to pay, either. If the meter’s faulty, you’ll need to pay for parking at the next closest meter. And if the meter is functional, you’ll want to calculate the time you’ve paid for down to the second. Set an alarm on your phone if you know you’re likely to forget to add money for extra time. Be sure to place your meter receipt face-up on your car’s dashboard, as well.
    • Learn to Read the Signs: If you’ve been waiting for a sign… just read the ones on the street. You’ll want to learn the difference between “no parking,” “no stopping,” and “no standing,” as well as familiarize yourself with the rules of alternate side parking. If there are multiple signs posted within the same general area, you’ll want to defer to the sign with the strictest rules. And whenever you’re in doubt about whether or not you’re allowed to park somewhere due to signage, it’s a good idea to find another spot.
    • Make Sure You’re Parked Correctly: This might sound obvious, but it’s worth mentioning. You may be subject to severe fines if you’re parked too close to a fire hydrant or you’re blocking any part of a crosswalk or bike lane. Before you head off to your final destination on foot, give your parking job a good once-over to ensure driveways, crosswalks, and fire hydrants can be easily accessed.
    • Opt For Alternate Transportation: A good way to avoid this problem completely is to forgo driving your car altogether. Fortunately, New York City provides access to all kinds of public transit, including buses, subways, and trains. You could also ride your bike around the city instead of relying on your car, though that can come with its own set of dangers. If you don’t have reliable access to a parking garage in the city, you may want to explore alternative transit to avoid tickets and get where you need to go. However, it’s important to note you won’t have nearly as much control over your schedule if you’re relying on public transit.
    • Explore Monthly Parking Solutions: If you depend on your car to get around the city, you’ll want to consider availability in NYC parking garages in the area. You can often join monthly parking programs that will grant you unlimited access to parking garages in your neighborhood or any area of your choice. Using a parking garage can allow you to completely avoid the possibility of getting a ticket on the street while ensuring your vehicle remains protected from vandalism, theft, and other damage. Ultimately, your choice in parking garage can save you time, money, and frustration while promoting overall safety.


Navigating New York City can be difficult even under ideal circumstances. By taking steps to avoid a ticket, you’ll thank yourself later. For more information on securing monthly parking in one of our safe and convenient locations, please contact Icon Parking today.

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