5 Fun Museums for the Whole Family to Visit in NYC

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The Metropolitan Museum of Art isn’t the only amazing museum in New York City. Families coming to visit the Big Apple this year can find their own fair share of kid-friendly and super-fun museums to visit that will keep everyone entertained. Here are five incredible museums to visit on your next trip.

The Sloomoo Institute

The Sloomoo Institute is an absolute blast and is open for six months in Soho before moving to another city. Dubbed a sensory haven, the Sloomoo Institute is an art institute dedicated to slime, giving kids and grown-ups alike the chance to touch, smell, and hear a wide variety of different slimes. Visit for a guided tour or book a virtual class. You can find parking at Icon Parking’s monthly parking garages at 11 E 1st Street or 156 Crosby Street.

Museum of Ice Cream

The NYC Museum of Ice Cream is a sweet experience the whole family will love. The museum isn’t just a retail store but an interactive experience allowing families to play, dance, taste, and connect with different and colorful installations in a multi-sensory space with over three flours of activities. Some of the key exhibitions you can expect include the Sprinkle Pool, Rainbow Tunnel, and an indoor Ice Cream Portal. You can find parking at one of Icon Parking’s NYC safe parking garages at 11 E 1st Street or 22 E 1st Street.

Bryant Park Picnic Performances

Picnic Performances at Bryant Park have returned now through September 1. You can enjoy 25 different in-person and live performances of dance and theatre. Nearly all of the events are available at no cost to eventgoers due to the support of Bank of America. To find parking for these performances, book a parking space at Icon Parking’s garage at 20 E 39th Street.

Color Factory

The Color Factory in NYC is a collaboratively-produced art experience. Like the Museum of Ice Cream and the Sloomoo Institute, the Color Factory is a sensory experience that urges visitors to embrace their inner child and play. You can find parking for the Color Factory at Icon Parking’s garages at 375 Hudson St and 118 Varick St.

Shakespeare in the Park

From now through September 18, eventgoers in Central Park can enjoy free performances of Merry Wives, an adaptation of Shakespeare’s The Merry Wives of Windsor, by Jocelyn Bioh, directed by Saheem Ali. You can book parking for the event at Icon Parking’s city parking garages at 68 East 80th Street and 4 E 87th Street.

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