4 Reasons You Need a Parking App in NYC


New York City has the highest population density among all cities in the United States. One of the impacts of high population density is the increased number of vehicles and possible challenges in parking spaces. In fact, the New York driver spends an average of 107 hours a year trying to locate parking spaces. Icon Parking can help to make parking in New York City a little less stressful with our Icon GO parking app.

Read on to understand why your parking app can make your life a lot easier while living in New York City.

Improved Safety

Through our ParkSafe promise, Icon Parking aims to boost safety and security in our parking garages. With the help of our Icon GO app, you can check-in and check-out of your designated parking garage without touching any surface but your phone screen. Our Icon GO parking app also offers contactless mobile reservations, payments, and more with access to exclusive offers and rates. With Icon GO, you reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 through both human contact and through surface contact.

Guaranteed Parking

By reserving parking through our Icon GO app, you are sure of a parking slot. Many parking places in NYC require you to book parking the previous day, but Icon Parking offers same-day parking reservations.

In case your parking ticket is almost out of session, the Icon GO app allows you to extend your session. Through the app, you can adjust your initial parking request to accommodate any unforeseen events that cause you to stay longer than expected.

Convenient and Cost-Effective for Businesses

Parking for businesses is also available in Icon Parking Systems. Businesses can reserve parking space for clients for convenience in any parking garage. The competitive price offered by Icon Parking will minimize parking costs and grow your businesses.

Customers make a choice by assessing how safe and readily available a parking space is. The guarantee of safety by ParkSafe is very appealing to customers. If your customers use the Icon GO app, they will want to visit your store more often due to ample, reliable, and safe parking.

Icon Parking and our ParkSafe promise is available in over 200 locations in Manhattan. With our parking systems, not only will you find the nearest and most convenient space for your car, but you’ll also find a space in a safe and sanitary garage.

Do not hesitate to call us whenever you need company parking or any other parking services in NYC. Contact us or download the Icon GO parking app today.

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