3 Tips for Taking Your Car to NYC

Whether you are stopping in New York City on your east coast road trip or marking it as your final destination, it’s not going to be an easy driving trip. Since it makes up for over two-fifths of New York’s population, NYC is notorious for its jam-packed streets and crazy drivers. There are quite a few tips you should know before jumping into the craziness head first. In this blog post, we’ll talk about how a parking app and a bike-share system can make taking your car to NYC less stressful and more relaxing.

1. Learn the Basics of NYC Traffic

If you aren’t a resident of New York City, then the traffic is probably unlike anything you have ever seen. Certain basic road laws are changed in NYC, such as turning right at red lights being illegal. Additionally, if you “block the box” in the middle of an intersection, you could be slammed with a hefty ticket. Pedestrian crosswalks are everywhere, so you need to keep your eyes peeled everywhere you go.

2. Use a Parking App

A NYC parking app will be your saving grace on your road trip to the city. Not only do parking apps ensure that you have a free space where your car will be safe, but they also provide a contact-less app experience to avoid the spreading of germs. Instead of panicking to find a legal long-term parking spot for your stay, check out Icon and take advantage of the most seamless parking app NYC has to offer.

3. Use a Bike-share System

Apps for parking are great, but what about the rest of your trip? Chances are that you have a lengthy list of stops you want to make on your NYC visit, like Lincoln Square or Central Park. Thankfully, New York City has implemented a biking network that reaches just about every corner of the city. You simply find a bike, rent it through an app, and ride to your heart’s content. It provides quick, handy transportation and helps the earth as well! Many Icon parking areas feature JOCO E-Bikes, a perfect solution to travel in the inner city.

Clearly, bringing your car to NYC is a necessary evil at times. If you are taking your big family on vacation, or simply taking your dog along, driving can be the most convenient mode of travel. You must drive extremely carefully while utilizing a parking app and bike-share system to enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

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