3 Tips to Finding Safe Times Square Parking

Visiting Times Square can be exciting if you plan your trip to include Times Square parking. According to the NYC Tourism Board, about 360,000 people visit Times Square daily. Many of these pedestrians use Times Square parking and walk into the heart of Times Square. Here are three tips to ensure your trip to Times Square is not ruined by dealing with parking woes.

1. Plan Ahead

One of the worst ways to find parking near Times Square is just to show up without a plan. You can spend hours in the car circling to find a parking spot. Planning and reserving your Times Square parking space ahead of time will save you time and effort. It will ensure you can get to the fun without the stress of searching for parking. There are about 717,000 vehicles on the streets of Manhattan every day, according to Statista. It is one of the most traffic-congested cities in the world. You do not want to compete with all those cars for parking.

2. Use An App To Make Booking Easy

Parking in NYC is a lot easier when you use one of the available apps to help you find and reserve parking for the day. There are plenty of apps to choose from that will show you the various places to park and the distance the places are from Times Square and take you through the steps to reserve the spot. It is a super convenient way to find parking around Times Square. It takes minutes to download the app.

3. Map Your Route

Driving in Manhattan can get a little confusing if you are coming from out of town. Once you have reserved your Times Square parking spot, map the easiest route to the parking area. You must see the streets you will take before you start the drive. Manhattan is a bustling place with much commercial traffic moving in and out of traffic. It would be best if you gave the road all your attention. Know which way you are heading to keep your focus on the road.

Parking around Times Square can be easier if you plan and reserve parking in advance. Don’t risk not having the parking you need to enjoy Times Square fully. Find Time Square parking right now.

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