3 Reasons to Consider a Monthly Parking Garage

monthly parking garage

Parking your car in Manhattan can be challenging due to the limited street parking available. Parking challenges are a major reason that drivers opt out of attending events outside of their homes. In fact, more than 60% of 6,000 surveyed American drivers listed parking difficulties as one of the reasons they avoiding driving to sports centers, airports, shopping centers, and leisure centers. Providing corporate parking for your employees can help make it easier for them to get to and from work safely.

Safe parking is vital for the following reasons:

Alternate Side Parking Can be Risky

Parking a vehicle on the street typically means that it has to be moved every few days, due to New York City’s alternate side parking regulations. This can be both inconvenient and dangerous, leading to drivers circling the block at odd hours trying to find a parking spot. Leaving their vehicle in one location for too long guarantees them a ticket, so often New Yorkers can be seen getting up early in an effort to move their vehicle before heading out to work, or moving their car late at night after getting home. This is not the safest time to be out on the streets in an urban area.

Street Parking Is Less Secure

Street parking is also less secure than parking in a garage. The spots are left unattended, and it’s easier for a car to be broken into or tampered with. This can be inconvenient or even dangerous. Drivers may find that their car has been damaged, items have been stolen, or their cars have been vandalized during the night. A monthly parking garage is a far safer option, providing drivers with off-street parking.

Searching for a Spot Wastes Time

Circling the block near a driver’s work or home in an effort to find a spot wastes time, is frustrating, and can lead to distracted driving. Drivers would much rather park their car in a safe location and then spend time with their family and friends. Circling the block for an hour or more in order to find a safe parking spot is exhausting and can lead to these individuals opting to take public transit options instead.

Corporate parking spaces are an excellent benefit to offer employees, providing them with a safe place to put their vehicles while they work onsite. Safe corporate parking lots provide drivers with a secure location to park their cars so that they can work without worrying about the car being damaged or towed. If you’re interested in investing in a corporate parking plan using one of our quality monthly parking garages, contact Icon Parking today.

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