Missing out on the hottest attractions and things to do in the Manhattan area just because you can’t find parking shouldn’t keep you from seeing the best this bustling city has to offer. If you own a vehicle, you need Icon Parking to assist you.

More than 60% of questioned drivers reported that they avoid areas of interest like airports, shopping centers, and other high-traffic areas due to issues with parking. In New York City, drivers spend more than a hundred hours a year looking for parking spots.

In the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, safe transportation is more important than ever. Learn why you should use the best monthly parking service for your needs so you can see the city and do the things you want and feel confident in doing so. Learn why Icon Parking is the one to choose.

You Get Safe, Contact-free Parking

When you choose Icon Parking, you get your monthly parking made available to you in a contact-free, sanitary way. If you want to get out of the house but don’t want to spend hours looking for a parking spot, exposing yourself to different people, and wasting time, you want to choose parking plans that are best for you.

You Get Reliable Parking That Is More Efficient

Icon Parking has several locations across Manhattan and the major city areas, allowing you to choose the plan that works best for your needs. Whether you are wanting a safe monthly parking option in public parking or you want corporate parking for your business, picking a parking service in the location that is right for you will help you be more efficient and time-saving.

Reliable parking with a monthly service allows you to pick a parking spot hands-free so you don’t have to come in contact with a parking service person. You simply choose the parking location you need for the activity you’re attending, and you have worry-free access to the parking spot you need.

Icon Parking can be a parking solution for you in busy and bustling New York. Whether you have regular needs for corporate parking or you just want to learn how you can safely leave your home and find safe places to park, the right parking solutions can be found with a parking service you can trust. Speak to a representative today to see which parking plan works best for you.

With New York City comprising over two-fifths of New York State’s entire population, it’s no secret that finding a parking spot when you need it is nearly impossible. Monthly parking programs provide New York drivers with a safe monthly parking option they can use whenever they need it throughout that given month.

However, when you’re looking for a parking spot, the last thing you want to do is book a monthly parking deal only to learn you need to wait for your booking to go through. After all, you need that parking spot now, not later. Fortunately, Icon Parking has you covered with our latest “Book-Now-Park-Now” feature.

What is Book-Now-Park-Now?

Book-Now-Park-Now is Icon Parking’s latest and greatest monthly parking solution. Using our ParkSafe contactless app, you can now book a parking spot at one of our monthly parking garages across various neighborhoods in New York City. We’re the only business parking company that offers monthly parking that you can use on the same day.

How does the Book-Now-Park-Now monthly parking solution work?

To take advantage of Icon Parking’s Book-Now-Park-Now feature, simply select a neighborhood where you want to book your monthly parking spot on our contact-less app or website. Once you’ve chosen your neighborhood, you can pick from one of the monthly parking solutions we have available in that area. Tap on ‘Book Now,’ input your information, and you’ll be good to park.

How much is a monthly parking deal?

Icon Parking offers a wide array of monthly parking deals to help you find a parking garage in your budget. Depending on the neighborhood in which you want to park your vehicle throughout the month, monthly parking deals can range anywhere from $379 to $800. We also offer monthly specials where you can save over 50% off your first month’s parking for a limited time.

What makes Icon Parking worth it?

Not only is Icon Parking the only business in the parking industry to offer same-day parking for monthly deals but we also offer safe and secure parking solutions for New York Drivers with our ParkSafe services. ParkSafe is Icon Parking’s guarantee to provide fully contactless mobile reservations, payments, check-ins, and check-outs. We also provide Viking Pure natural cleaning stations at each and every one of our locations to help keep our parking garages sanitized in compliance with CDC guidelines.

When you choose to park with Icon Parking, you can feel confident knowing that you can find a same-day parking spot in a safe and secure garage. To learn more about our Book-Now-Park-Now monthly parking solution, contact Icon Parking today.

During these challenging times, it can be difficult to know where to turn in order to find safe parking solutions. You are now faced with new and unique obstacles daily, but you need to find a safe area to park for work. Icon Parking offers a safe and effective solution amidst the coronavirus pandemic. All patrons and employees are meeting CDC guidelines and everyone’s health is actively being protected.

How Has Icon Parking Responded to the Pandemic?

Icon Parking has taken a proactive approach when it has come to the coronavirus outbreak to minimize exposure among employees and customers. This proactive approach has included taking precautionary measures and adjusting the hours in which some parking garages are open. Service to parking garages are now completely contactless.

To reserve a parking spot, pay for your parking spot, or to check-in or out, all you need to do is use the Icon Parking mobile app. Sanitizing stations are available to guests at every Icon Parking location. Icon Parking employees are also required to wear appropriately fitting gloves and masks at all times and are required to maintain proper social distancing protocol. All guests and patrons in the parking garage are required to wear masks.

How Long Will These Changes Last?

Icon Parking has made a dedication to the employees they work with as well as the customers they serve. Icon Parking will not lift regulations until we are given the all-clear by the CDC. The hope is for all operations to eventually be back to normal. However, Icon Parking is planning on waiting until it is safe to do so. We are staying up-to-date with safety guidelines regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. Until then, we plan on providing customers with a safe corporate parking solution as well as a monthly parking solution for businesses and employees.

There is still much uncertainty during the COVID-19 pandemic. But you do not have to worry about where you will find effective and safe parking to get to your place of business when you need it, and you don’t need to worry about the safety and security of the parking garage you choose. Instead, you can trust the professional team members of Icon Parking to provide you with a parksafe parking lot.

It’s vital to limit social interactions, keep a safe distance from others, and reduce contact with surfaces in public places to reduce the risk of transferring the COVID-19 virus. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to reduce contact with high-touch surfaces such as doorknobs, light switches, countertops, and handles. That’s why Icon Parking has made it easier for customers to access their favorite parking areas safely and securely with our new ParkSafe contact-less app, Icon GO.

How does the contactless app work?

Drivers in the U.S. spend an average of 17 hours per year searching for parking spots. Through our ParkSafe contact-less app, Icon GO, you’ll be able to find a nearby Icon Parking garage at one of our 200 parking areas across New York City. From there, you can easily make your parking plans either for the day or for the month with our special discounts and promotion opportunities. With online account management and text message vehicle request service, you can avoid touching unnecessary surfaces or coming into contact with employees when you don’t absolutely need to.

Our ParkSafe contact-less app makes it possible for you to seamlessly check-in to your parking garage and check out without needing to touch any public surface or touchpad. You can easily pay online and make mobile reservations using only your phone.

When going contact-less isn’t possible

You can limit how often you come into contact with high-touch surfaces with our ParkSafe contact-less app. However, Icon Parking understands that not making contact isn’t always possible. That’s why we’ve introduced ParkSafe, Icon Parking’s promise to provide New Yorkers with a sanitary, safe, and secure parking experience.

At Icon Parking, we’re committed to your safety and security during these trying times. Following CDC guidelines, our team members are wearing masks and gloves while disinfecting frequently touched surfaces throughout our parking facilities regularly throughout the day. Using Viking Pure hospital-grade disinfectant, you can feel confident knowing our team members at Icon Parking are taking the necessary measures to keep you safe. Every guest in our parking facilities is also required to wear masks and to maintain social distancing guidelines to ensure to safety of other customers and employees.

Want to learn more about how Icon Parking is keeping our customers and team members protected during the COVID-19 pandemic? Contact Icon Parking today for more information about ParkSafe and our contact-less app.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s more important than ever to keep our guests and their vehicles safe and in a secure environment. With office buildings and communities beginning to re-open again and New Yorkers returning to work, finding the right business parking facility that’s focused on protecting patrons and employees is critical. That’s why Icon Parking is introducing ParkSafe, our parking facility’s safe and sanitary solution to parking during COVID-19.

What is ParkSafe?

ParkSafe is Icon Parking’s promise to provide New Yorkers with a safe and sanitary parking experience. Combined with Quik Park, the largest parking operator in Manhattan, Icon Parking provides over 200 parking areas across Manhattan. Drivers in NYC spend an average of 107 hours per year looking for parking spots, and that was before a global pandemic. Icon Parking offers drivers with NYC safe parking plans they can count on.

Our team promises to provide the highest level of commitment to your safety during these trying times. As New York City opens back up, we want you to feel confident knowing that Icon Parking is keeping you secure by going above and beyond to sanitize and maintain the cleanliness of our parking facilities. When you choose to park with us, you can rest assured that both you and your vehicle are safe in our parking facilities.

How is Icon Parking sanitizing parking facilities?

Through ParkSafe, Icon Parking is adhering to the guidelines established by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19. The CDC recommends cleaning non-porous surfaces with a soap or detergent before disinfecting them. Household disinfectants that are registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are effective against the coronavirus as long as the user is applying the disinfectant using the correct application methods and contact times.

There are multiple touchpoints throughout Icon Parking’s parking facilities, and our team is taking the necessary measures to sanitize these areas. Our facilities and maintenance department sanitizes and disinfects all garage workspaces and public access areas daily at every location using designated Viking Pure hospital-grade disinfection stations. To reduce the number of touchpoints throughout our parking facilities, Icon Parking is offering contactless mobile reservations, payments, check-ins, and check-outs through the Icon GO App.

Each of our trained and professional team members wears a mask and gloves while practicing social distancing. All guests are also required to wear a mask and to maintain social distancing guidelines at all times.

For more information about ParkSafe or to learn more about what Icon Parking is doing to combat the spread of COVID-19, contact Icon Parking today.

Due to New York City’s dense population and a melting pot of many rich cultures, there are a variety of different activities to experience in and around the city, as New York City comprises nearly two-fifths of the state’s entire population. Furthermore, it is important that there is ample business parking, as well as other types of corporate parking for large firms.

With this dense population, parking for businesses is important for people who both work and attend events in the city that have guaranteed parking. This is especially important during these trying times, as the pandemic scares people from utilizing mass transit. Most of these lots that offer guaranteed parking often offer parking plans. However, parking for business is important, as it keeps the city’s economy alive and well even throughout these tough economic times.

5 Of The Best Events NYC Has To Offer

Some of the most notable events in NYC include festivals, parades, and shows. These events attract thousands from all over the tri-state area and beyond.

Rockefeller Tree Lighting

Christmas is a magical time in the city, as decorations, food, and other festivities can be seen throughout the city. Throughout the Christmas season, the Rockefeller tree is a world-renowned attraction and is one of the crown jewels of the city during Christmas time, literally, as the tree topper is provided by Swarovski jewelers.

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

The Thanksgiving Day parade is the largest parade in the world and has been occurring annually since 1929. The parade is one of the hallmarks of the Thanksgiving holiday, and has been one of the day’s most popular attractions. The Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade attracts thousands throughout the tri-state area, and is widely popular with people of all ages. The colorful floats that depict well-known cartoon characters and other icons are paraded down the crowded streets of the cities, waving to thousands of people as they pass by.

New York International Auto Show

The New York International Auto Show gives attendees the opportunity to check out all of the year’s newest rides, including all of the world’s leading manufacturers. Some of the attractions include exotic sports cars, vendors selling various kinds of merchandise, and all the food you could ever eat.

New York Comic Con

The New York Comic Con is another popular event in the city. Oftentimes, people arrive dressed like their favorite superhero or comic book characters, and enjoy the camaraderie with fellow enthusiasts. This event attracts thousands annually, and includes special guests from famous comic books and movies, games, food, and much more.

New York City Wine And Food Festival

Many wine connoisseurs make their way into the city for the annual wine and food festival. This special festival includes a tasting of some of the world’s finest wines, while enjoying various types of cheese and other foods. This event is a must for any foodie or wine connoisseur, as it provides an eclectic atmosphere of food fanatics, and oftentimes includes famous special guests.

New York City is one of the world’s major cities and is almost constantly the host of various noteworthy events throughout the year. Therefore, it is critical that there is guaranteed parking for all these visitors. By providing guaranteed parking, people attending these events will feel safe and secure driving their car into the city, and attending these many unique events.

Employee parking plans are a great incentive to attract the best talent. Company parking is a perk that can really sway highly qualified talent to join your business.

Having access to business parking is considered a huge benefit by many employees. Trying to find parking for businesses can be a great stressor for many employees. Taking away that stress by providing guaranteed parking will be really appreciated by your employees.

The Value

Employee parking plans deliver a great deal of value to your employees. Searching for parking every day to get to work on time can start the day off on the wrong foot every day. Making sure your highly valued employees can get to work on time with a great attitude can mean a much more productive workforce.

The real value of providing company parking to your employees, is that it benefits your business. This simple affordable perk can ensure that you not only attract the best talent but that you are able to keep the best talent.

This can be an easily affordable benefit that you provide to your employees. It will be greatly appreciated and will benefit your business in many ways.

For Your Guests

Company parking plans are not only good for you and your employees, but they are good for your guests. Employee parking plans that include spots for your visitors can endear your business to clients and customers.

When you make it easy for clients and customers to reach your business, you are giving a boost to your business. The first impression that you make with potential clients and customers is a very important impression.

Something as simple as having corporate parking available that your clients and customers can seamlessly glide into a parking spot can put your visitors in a good mood from the start. It can make it easier to close that deal when someone has not had to drive around the block 10 times to come and visit.

Parking for businesses that is designated for your business is good for the employees, good for the perception of your business, and good for business overall. Making this small investment can be one of the best things you have done for your business in a long time.

Learn more about employee parking plans and how they can boost your business.

New York City is one of the most populous cities in the world, therefore, finding a place to park your car is a tumultuous and expensive task. However, because many people are working remotely in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, parking has become somewhat easier in the city. Although most people are working remotely, a few businesses continue to welcome employees into office buildings, with the appropriate safety measures in place. Furthermore, many might feel more comfortable driving their own car, rather than taking public transportation, as they are less likely to contract the virus.

Safe Corporate Parking In NYC

For those wishing to drive into the city during the coronavirus pandemic, there are a plethora of parking lots to choose from. However, many of them are extremely expensive and parking spaces are not always readily available.

When traveling into the city during Coronavirus, it is important to find a safe and accessible place to park. Because parking in the city can be difficult, many continuously drive around aimlessly searching for a spot. It is estimated that many drivers in the United States spend at least 17 hours annually searching for a parking spot, amassing an extra $345 a year to the cost of owning a car.

Various parts of New York, especially Manhattan, is extremely populated and spots are oftentimes hard to come by. Corporate parking lots are a must for this part of the city, and have proven to be beneficial to employees safely commuting into the city during Coronavirus., as many companies are offering employee parking plans as part of their precautions taken against the Coronavirus.

Parking for businesses is important in these trying times, especially in a city as densely populated as New York. Many employers are developing parking plans in the city as part of their efforts to help their employees feel safe during the pandemic, especially for essential workers such as nurses and retail staff.

Guaranteed parking allows employees to know exactly where to park without worrying if they will be able to find a spot. Especially in this critical time of the pandemic, it is important for the safety and security of your employees to have free and convenient parking in order to safely commute to work.

parking for businesses

There’s no doubt that the coronavirus pandemic has drastically altered our daily lives — especially for those of us who live and work in New York City. But as the Big Apple gets back on its feet, it becomes even more important for us to take a closer look at how the ongoing COVID-19 crisis will inform the decisions we make — including where we park.

Although New York is known for its reliable access to public transportation, concerns relating to the novel coronavirus have made many residents less likely to take advantage of the subways, buses, and trains the city has to offer. Even taxis and Ubers may not be the best option. Should you have access to your own vehicle, that’s typically the safest choice. But what happens when you need to park?

Around 63% of U.S. drivers say they avoid driving to places like airports, shopping centers, sports arenas, and other leisure destinations due to the parking challenges involved. And if you’ve ever driven around New York City, you’ll know first-hand how difficult it can be to find guaranteed parking.

But many of us need suitable parking plans more than ever. Some businesses remain closed, but that won’t be the case forever. As organizations start to reopen their doors and remote workers come back to the office, corporate parking once again becomes a necessity. What’s more, long-term parking solutions are in higher demand as residents continue to stay home. n a place like New York, street parking is hard to come by — which means many rely on monthly parking passes to ensure their vehicles stay safe. And in many areas, available parking lots around certain facilities (like pharmacies) are being utilized for COVID-19 testing. That makes parking for businesses even harder to come by.

Fortunately, there are a number of options for securing reliable and safe company parking in the city. At Icon Parking, we’ve made a number of adjustments that will prioritize the health of both our employees and our customers, including:

  • Sanitization of common vehicle touch points
  • Employee training relating to social distancing practices
  • Consistent use of face masks and gloves
  • Completely contactless reservation and payment systems via mobile devices

As many New Yorkers return to work, parking for businesses will become an even greater priority. And now that we’re more focused on the safety practices utilized by the establishments we frequent, it’s essential that even your parking lot attendants follow all recommended guidelines for lowering the risk of viral transmission. If you’re seeking parking for businesses that will provide you with peace of mind on multiple levels during the pandemic, we’re here to assist. For more information on an Icon Parking facility near you or what we’re doing to keep our customers safe, please contact us today.

guaranteed parking

Statistics from the Bureau of Transportation shows that private vehicles remain one of the best commuter choices in the U.S. Over 66% of Americans prefer to commute to work in their cars, citing convenience as a critical factor in the decision. However, the increased motorized trips eventually lead to parking nightmares.

Getting convenient and safe parking in Manhattan and the other boroughs can be a daunting challenge. Hunting for open slots leads to time loss, congestion, and increased emissions. A recent study on driver patterns in Upper West Manhattan shows that motorists cruised for over a third of a mile before locating an open parking space. Now more than ever, businesses and corporates need to invest in guaranteed parking spaces for their executives, staff, and clients.

Corporate Parking for Your Staff

With the high traffic within Manhattan, your employees could constantly be competing for the limited parking spaces available. Your staff hunting for open slots may lead to loss of productivity and frustrations within the workplace. It may also escalate staff conflicts and tensions, which are detrimental to your business goals.

Securing employee parking plans through Icon Parking can help provide safe and convenient parking slots for your staff. Besides, you can include the company parking as an impressive perk as part of their employee benefits. Guaranteed parking has become one of the most desirable employee benefits alongside health and remuneration.

Improve Your Business Image Among Your Clients

Customers rank sufficient parking space among their top considerations for their favorite retail spaces. Driving around looking for an open slot can be frustrating for your clients. With limited spots open and street parking out of the question, your customers may have to battle in the city to find a parking spot before walking into your offices. Icon Parking operates safe and clean facilities across Manhattan, which may allow your clients to park nearer to your business. Reserve a space for your guests and improve your business reputation.

Save On Your Parking Costs

Business parking in NYC can be expensive, usually compared to acquiring a small apartment when you buy the slot outright. On-site parking spaces are never enough to handle all employees, leading to bad parking habits such as parking in handicap parking spots and blocking fire exits. For both large corporates and small enterprises, pre-paid corporate parking is a cost-effective solution to serve all participants.

With flexible options available, you can choose to pay wholesomely for the spot or opt for a 50/50 split arrangement with your employees. Additionally, long-term contracts allow you to enjoy massive discounts and end-year bonuses that save on your operation costs.

Convenience for EV owners

As the world turns towards reduced carbon emissions, NYC residents are also moving with the trend. EV car sales in 2018 rose by 63% to 36854, up from 24551 in 2017. The state estimates the number of EV vehicles on NYC roads might hit 850,000 by 2025. Icon Parking has over 60 garages and facilities with installed universal and Tesla charging ports. The charging stations may make life easier for your staff and clients with electric vehicles.

Parking in Manhattan doesn’t have to be a nightmare for your customers and staff. Guaranteed parking spaces through Icon Parking can help streamline your business operations with greater office efficiency. For more information on guaranteed parking, visit our website today.