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Introducing JOCO

Premium E-bikes

A new way Icon is helping bring
more mobility to New York.

JOCO E-Bikes

Now you can drop off your car and
pick up a bike, and
experience New
York in a whole new way.

E-bikes NYC

Available at
select Icon

Soon to be citywide, JOCO is now available
at the select Icon Parking locations. Unlike
city bike shares, JOCO Premium E-bikes are
always conveniently parked indoors, safe
from weather, damage, and most of all,

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How to Ride

For FAQs, information on how to ride, and
to download the JOCO app, visit

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How to ride JOCO e-bikes


Download the
JOCO app

To make your E-bike rental arrangements with JOCO, download the
JOCO app and contact support@ridejoco.com.

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