Preferred Customer Program

  1. What is the Preferred Customer Club?
    The Preferred Customer Club is an exclusive membership for our monthly customers which entitles them to park for 50% off the daily posted rates at over 325 Icon and Quik Park garages in Manhattan.
  2. How much does the card cost?
    There is no charge for the card. Replacement cards cost $10 for a processing and activation fee.
  3. Is there a monthly fee to be a member of the Preferred Customer Club?
    No, membership is free.
  4. Can I get more than one card?
    No, only one card can be issued per monthly parking space.
  5. When does the card expire?
    When you are no longer a monthly customer at the location your card was issued for.
  6. Can I use the card at any Icon or Quik Park garage?
    You can use the card at any Icon or Quik Park garage with the exception of the short list of excluded facilities shown above.
  7. Can I pay by cash when I use the card?
    No, the payment must be made by a credit card with the same last name as the member.
  8. How do I find where Icon and Quik Park garages are located?
    You can locate an Icon or Quik Park garage on the website, by looking for the Icon or Quik Park logo or by the iPhone and Android app.
  9. What if I lost my card?
    A one-time $10 processing and activation fee will be applied for the replacement card.
  10. Do you have apps for iPhone and Android users?
    Yes, we currently have apps for these platforms. 
  11. I forgot to take my card to the garage but know my card number, can I still get the discount?
    No, in order to receive the discount you must have the card with you at checkout.