Daily parking terms conditions – Reservation Policy

  • You will not be allowed to come and go throughout the duration of your reservation. Only one entry/exit is permitted.
  • To cancel for a full refund please click the cancel reservation button in this email any time prior to the arrival time indicated on the reservation.
  • No refunds will be issued for unused reservations not canceled prior to the arrival time. There are no partial refunds for unused time.
  • Reservations cannot be extended or combined; only one reservation can be applied per parking stay. If you arrive before the reservation time, or, exit after the reservation time, you will be subject to pay for the time parked outside of your reservation. This is calculated automatically, and the payment will be required at the time of check-out.
  • An oversize vehicle surcharge (up to $15 per 24 hours) will be collected at the location if the vehicle does not meet the standard size requirement. The general rule that determines if a vehicle is oversize requires the vehicle to be 181 inches in length or longer, or 65 inches in height or higher. To find out if your vehicle make and model combination is considered oversized visit¬†https://www.iconparkingsystems.com/know-before-you-go